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2009 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT1 Crew Cab
2008 Jaguar S-TYPE
2011 Ford F150 4X4 CR
2000 Honda ACCORD
2005 Honda ACCORD
2007 Nissan Maxima black
2014 Land Rover RANGE ROVER
2007 Hyundai SANTA FE
2008 Toyota CAMRY SOLARA

Customers’ reviews

Amber S.

The car I purchased at your online auto auction is more than perfect. It meets all my requirements and the price is very fair. I always thought that I would never make such an important purchase through Internet, but it saved my time and money. The service is excellent and the staff is very friendly.

Feb 9th 2015
Collin K.

These people treat you with respect and promptness. All members of their team are very professional. They managed to answer all my questions, as I have never participated in online auctions before. I think that it was a rather good idea to buy a car online. Thank you for my stunning first car!

July 14th 2015
Robbin P.

I understood that posting adverts on different car sales websites is almost useless, as it is too time-consuming. I did it but nobody was interested in buying my car. Then I decided to try my luck for the last time and posted it on this website. It took me 3 days to sell my 2006 Ford. Thank you a lot!

Dec 17th 2015

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Repo Car Auto Auctions is a reliable place for buying or selling cars, as we offer benefits that other auctions and dealerships won't. We believe that you don't have to sacrifice quality, luxury, or reliability just because you purchased a pre-owned vehicle. Company inventory is stocked with only the best late model pre-owned vehicles available today. At our company, each car is inspected, reconditioned, and comes equipped with a warranty. There is no fee to register or to participate in the auction. We require no money down to preview the cars or bid online. Many auctions require you to pay money just to simply walk through the doors or they have a registration fee to bid, but here it's ALL FREE! Search for your dream car from our database and you will certainly find the one that meets all your requirements.